What we do.

Your Brand, Our Passion

At Love/Hate, we’re more than a branding agency—we’re your dedicated partner in creating a standout brand that truly connects. In today’s competitive environment, branding is not just part of your business strategy; it is your business strategy. A strong brand is a key asset that raises your profile, boosts your credibility, and builds a lasting emotional bond with your audience, fostering loyalty and growth.

Who we work with

We specialise in working with visionary companies across sectors like SaaS, AI, Fintech, and Sustainable Tech & Clean Energy—industries that thrive on innovation and change. These sectors demand a branding approach that’s as forward-thinking as the technologies and services they offer. 

How You Benefit

Our expertise translates into real advantages for your business. We tackle essential challenges like distinguishing your product in a crowded market, engaging with a global audience, and turning casual visitors into loyal customers. We ensure your brand is unforgettable by clarifying your message, amplifying your voice, and aligning your branding efforts with your broader business goals to make every interaction count.

Brand Strategy

Brand Strategy sets the foundation, defining what makes your brand unique and the direction it should take. We develop strategic plans that deeply connect your brand with its audience, boosting engagement and loyalty.

Brand Strategy Cards

Uncover the essence of your brand through in-depth research and analysis.

Strategically position your brand in the market for maximum impact.

Craft a compelling narrative that encapsulates the heart of your brand.

Develop a resonant name that reflects your brand’s identity and mission.

Create detailed profiles of your ideal customers to guide your brand’s interactions.

Brand Design

Brand Design turns your strategic vision into a striking visual identity that embodies your brand’s essence. We create unique designs that not only stand out but also resonate directly with your audience, making every interaction memorable and impactful.

Brand Design

Establish a distinctive visual style that stands out in your industry.

Bring your brand to life with dynamic motion graphics and animations.

Select and utilise typefaces that enhance your brand’s personality and story.

Compile comprehensive guidelines to ensure consistent brand representation.

Implement a scalable system for digital brand elements, ensuring consistency across platforms.

Brand Activation

Brand Activation brings your brand strategy to life by consistently applying it across all points of contact. We design experiences that captivate, motivate, and firmly establish your brand in the market.

Design and develop websites that engage and convert your target audience.

Execute strategic campaigns that elevate your brand and drive results.

Create immersive physical or digital spaces that reflect your brand ethos.

Produce materials that communicate your brand’s value proposition effectively.

Develop tools that support your sales team in engaging potential clients.


Strategically introduce your brand to the market for maximum impact.

Cutting-edge visuals to tell your brand’s story in a compelling way.

Showcase your brand’s journey and achievements through captivating cinematic showreel.

Love/Hate Packages

Understanding that every brand's needs are unique, we've curated four distinct service packages designed to cater to various stages of brand development:

Design Only

For brands that have a solid strategic foundation and are seeking to develop a comprehensive visual identity and brand guidelines swiftly.

Strategy + Design

Ideal for businesses aiming for a transformative brand strategy coupled with a dynamic visual identity to gear up for accelerated growth.

Strategy + Design + Activation​

A full-service package for companies looking for a complete brand overhaul, including strategy, design, and a comprehensive suite of brand communications.

Fully Customised

A fully customised solution based on our expertise and your specific needs, perfect for projects requiring a targeted approach, such as investor presentations or niche brand development.

Selected Work

How we'll work together.

Partnering with us means starting a journey of transformation and discovery. We dive deep into your company’s core to uncover and highlight what makes you unique. Expect a collaborative approach where we prioritise continuous feedback and open communication. Our team guarantees precision and dedication through every step of the branding process, from our first meeting to the final rollout.

To begin working together, submit an inquiry via our contact form. You’ll then receive a Project Discovery questionnaire. Your detailed responses are crucial for an effective first meeting. 

Post-questionnaire, we’ll schedule a 45-minute introductory call. During this session, we’ll explore how our branding solutions can specifically help your business. Whether you’re looking to refresh your visual identity or completely overhaul your brand strategy, this call is the first step towards transforming your brand’s future. 


Love/Hate offers four different brand packages Pulse, Core, Amplify and Bespoke, each tailored to different brand challenges and proven effective across various industries and complexities. We’ll align around which package to build our proposal around.

Following successful discussions with your leadership team and a confirmed fit, we create a straightforward proposal to outline the scope of work, costs, and project timeline. 

Upon accepting our proposal, we issue a Statement of work agreement (SOW) and request the initial deposit to start the project. We then begin a formal client onboarding to set the project up for success.

The Love/Hate Method

At Love/Hate, we believe in a structured yet flexible approach to branding that allows us to dive deep into the essence of your brand and bring out its true potential. Our process is designed to ensure clarity, collaboration, and creativity from start to finish. Here's how we bring your brand to life:


Discover & Define


Strategy & Storytelling


Design & Development


Implementation & Launch


Evaluate & Evolve