Carter & Finch

Accountancy firm boldly redefines its niche.

A small accountancy firm located in the creative hub of Shoreditch, specialising in financial management services, embarked on a strategic rebrand. Their aim was to position specifically to freelancers and small agency owners, with a targeted appeal towards Gen Z clients.


The firm faced the challenge of modernising their brand to stand out in a competitive market that was quickly adopting digital solutions.

They needed to distinguish themselves from other firms who were increasingly leveraging technology and innovative strategies to attract similar clientele.

Our Approach

Our strategy encompassed a thorough understanding of both the client and the market. We conducted extensive interviews with the firm’s partners and key stakeholders to capture the essence of their current brand and their vision for the future.

This foundational work guided the development of a cohesive visual identity and a user-friendly website design that aligned with the firm’s strategic goals and addressed the specific preferences of their clientele.


The firm’s rebranding efforts culminated in a distinctive position within the market, marked by a unique blend of nostalgia and modernity that resonated well with Gen Z clients.

This transformation not only attracted a larger share of the targeted demographic but also enhanced client retention rates.

The strategic repositioning and refreshed brand elements empowered the firm to achieve sustainable growth and solidify its reputation as a trusted leader in financial management for the creative sector.

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