Our Process.

Working with us

At Love/Hate, we follow a structured yet adaptable approach to branding that digs deep into your brand’s essence and unlocks its full potential. Our process is built around clarity, collaboration, and creativity, from the first step to the last. Here’s how we bring your brand to life:

Client Workshop

It all begins with a collaborative workshop. Here, we dive into your vision, values, and the emotions you want your brand to evoke. This session is crucial for understanding your business, your audience, and your market environment.

Brand Audit

Next, we conduct a thorough review of your existing brand elements, market presence, and competition. This helps us pinpoint your strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities to stand out.

Brand Strategy

With the insights we’ve gathered, we develop a strategic brand framework. This framework defines your brand’s positioning, personality, and promise, laying the groundwork for all our branding efforts. We also use AI tools to forecast market trends and delve into what your target audience prefers and what moves them emotionally, ensuring our strategy is both data-informed and deeply connected to your audience.

Narrative Development

We then create a powerful brand story that captures the essence of your brand and communicates its unique value in a way that resonates emotionally. This narrative is woven through all brand communications to ensure a consistent and lasting identity.


Visual Identity Creation

Our team designs a unique visual identity that aligns with your brand strategy and story. This includes your logo, color scheme, typography, and imagery, making sure your brand not only captures attention but also stands apart in crowded markets.

Brand Guidelines

Finally, we compile detailed brand guidelines to maintain consistency across all your brand’s expressions and touchpoints, from digital platforms to physical spaces.

Creative Direction

Collateral Production

We produce all necessary branding materials, including digital assets, marketing collateral, and packaging design, ensuring every element is aligned with the brand strategy.

Launch Planning

We devise a launch strategy to introduce your rebranded identity to the world, ensuring maximum impact and engagement from your target audience.

Feedback Gathering

Post-launch, we collect feedback from key stakeholders and your audience to assess the impact of the rebranding.

Continuous Improvement

Based on feedback and market response, we recommend and implement refinements to the brand strategy and assets, ensuring your brand remains dynamic and relevant.