Empowering Change: How TRVST's Rebrand is Revolutionising Social Impact.

TRVST operates an innovative online platform that unites diverse groups around shared aspirations for a sustainable future. By fostering a strong community of change-makers, TRVST leverages collective action to tackle global challenges related to climate change, pollution, and sustainable living.


Despite its visionary goals, TRVST faced significant challenges in scaling its impact and extending its influence.

As an emerging organisation, it struggled to effectively broaden its reach and accelerate its sustainability initiatives, which was critical for its success.

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Our Approach

To tackle these challenges, we engaged in a detailed three-week creative sprint with TRVST’s founders and key team members.

Our comprehensive strategy focused on refining the brand’s identity and enhancing user engagement through several key initiatives:

Brand Strategy Workshops: Conducting interactive sessions to crystalize the brand’s purpose, values, and unique selling propositions.

Defining Brand Values: Establishing a set of core principles that resonate with TRVST’s mission and are authentic to its vision.

Comprehensive design overhaul including Logo & ID Systems, Brand Style Guides, and a Digital Design System to improve overall user experience.


Our collaborative efforts yielded a robust brand strategy that resonates well with both internal stakeholders and the platform’s diverse audience.

The redefined brand identity, coupled with an enhanced digital presence and streamlined user experience, have positioned TRVST to effectively scale its impact. As a result, TRVST is now better equipped to drive forward its mission of building a fair and sustainable ecosystem.

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