Designing Connections for Community Impact.

We work to transform complex business strategies into user-friendly solutions. Our project with Semble—linking community groups to CSR-focused businesses—highlights our expertise in enhancing connections through design.


Semble faced the dual challenge of refining their brand positioning and overhauling their digital presence to attract more funding and partnerships.

They needed to redesign their credentials documents and user interface to appeal more effectively to both community groups and funders.

Our Approach

We embarked on this project with a series of Zoom workshops to pinpoint the core challenges and needs of Semble and their stakeholders.

This insight guided the redesign of their presentation decks, user experience (UX), and user interface (UI). Our process included:

  • Strategy & User Stories: Through detailed user journeys, we gained a deep understanding of the interactions between community groups and funders.
  • Presentation Decks: Collaboratively, we developed presentation materials that successfully raised the necessary funds for the website relaunch and fostered new business partnerships.
  • User Experience Design: Our team crafted engaging UX designs, utilising interactive prototypes and continuous user feedback to refine and enhance the platform.

The revamped platform has significantly impacted Semble's operations and outreach:

  • User Growth: Over 6,000 new users joined the platform within the first year.
  • Funding Success: £1.6 million in matched funding was awarded, demonstrating the platform’s efficacy in connecting groups with funders.
  • Expanding Partnerships: The network grew to include over 40 partner funders in just eight months, broadening the scope of potential collaborations.
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