Complete Brand Transformation

Elevate Your Brand with Strategy, Design, and Communication

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In a world where first impressions are everything and continuous engagement is key, Amplify delivers a holistic brand transformation that leaves nothing to chance. This package is meticulously designed for businesses that are not just evolving but revolutionising their presence in the market.

Combining deep strategic insights with captivating design and comprehensive brand communications, Amplify guides your brand through a full rebrand, from the initial concept to a powerful launch and beyond, ensuring every touchpoint resonates with your target audience.

Ideal for Businesses Ready to:

The Amplify package is perfect for businesses experiencing pivotal changes. Whether adapting to the rapid evolution of the market, embracing a shift in leadership, or redefining your brand’s mission, Amplify provides the strategic depth and creative execution needed to navigate and succeed through transformation.

For established brands aiming to strengthen or recover their position at the top, Amplify offers a comprehensive toolkit. It enhances your brand’s authority and visibility, enabling you to lead in your sector through innovative marketing strategies and a revitalised brand presence that sets you apart from competitors.

Amplify is ideally suited for brands looking to break into international markets. This package helps tailor your brand for global appeal while maintaining core values, ensuring your message resonates across cultural boundaries with a consistent and adaptable brand identity.

Startups and tech companies bringing new ideas to the table will find Amplify essential. It aligns your innovative offerings with a brand identity that communicates creativity and forward-thinking, essential for making a significant impact in your industry.

For enterprises and long-established companies seeking to refresh their image without losing their essence, Amplify is the solution. It carefully balances modern demands while preserving the legacy, ensuring your brand evolves with the times but remains true to its roots.

What's Included in Amplify?

Brand Strategy

Uncover the essence of your brand through in-depth research and analysis.

Strategically position your brand in the market for maximum impact.

Craft a compelling narrative that encapsulates the heart of your brand.

Create detailed profiles of your ideal customers to guide your brand’s interactions.


Brand Design

Establish a distinctive visual style that stands out in your industry.

Bring your brand to life with dynamic motion graphics and animations.

Select and utilise typefaces that enhance your brand’s personality and story.

Compile comprehensive guidelines to ensure consistent brand representation.

Implement a scalable system for digital brand elements, ensuring consistency across platforms.


Brand Activation

Design and develop websites that engage and convert your target audience.

Execute strategic campaigns that elevate your brand and drive results.

Create immersive physical or digital spaces that reflect your brand ethos.

Produce materials that communicate your brand’s value proposition effectively.

Strategically introduce your brand to the market for maximum impact.

Develop tools that support your sales team in engaging potential clients.

Showcase your brand’s journey and achievements through captivating cinematic showreel.

Strategic Foundation

At the core of Amplify is our commitment to building a solid strategic foundation that propels your brand towards long-term success. By thoroughly understanding your business, market, and competition, we position your brand for clear differentiation. This strategic depth allows us to identify and capitalize on unique opportunities for growth, ensuring your brand not only stands out but is also primed for expansion and resilience in the face of market changes.

Visual Impact

With Amplify, your brand’s essence is transformed into a powerful visual identity that does more than catch the eye—it resonates on an emotional level. Our team of expert designers crafts compelling visual elements that embody your brand’s values and aspirations, ensuring every piece of visual communication is impactful. From the color schemes to the typography and imagery, every detail is meticulously designed to make every brand interaction memorable and effective.

Precise Communication

Amplify excels in honing the art of brand storytelling, ensuring that every message broadcasted across various channels not only reaches but deeply engages your audience. We create cohesive narratives that weave through every marketing medium, from digital campaigns to print and beyond, aligning with your strategic goals. Our precise communication tactics are designed to build a strong emotional and psychological connection with your audience, enhancing customer loyalty and promoting active engagement.

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