Redefining Genomics with Creative Branding Solutions

Geno Life Sciences approached us with a challenge: to create a brand that demystifies genomics and makes personalised health accessible to all. With a commitment to innovation and a passion for science, we embarked on a journey to redefine the world of genomics through creative branding solutions.


Geno Life Sciences faced the daunting task of breaking down the complexities of genomics and making it relatable to a wide audience.

The challenge lay in creating a brand that not only educated but also inspired individuals to take control of their health through genetic insights. We needed to build a brand that fostered trust, curiosity, and accessibility in the rapidly evolving field of personalised medicine.

Geno DNA
Our Approach

Our approach to the Geno brand was rooted in simplicity, clarity, and empathy. We began by immersing ourselves in their world, gaining a deep understanding of their business and the needs of their audience.

Drawing inspiration from the inherent beauty of genetic codes, we crafted a visual identity that was both sophisticated and approachable. Through clear messaging and engaging storytelling, we transformed complex scientific concepts into digestible nuggets of information that resonated with people from all walks of life.


The rebranded company experienced increased customer engagement, a boost in sales, and a stronger brand presence in the market.

The comprehensive initiative, extending beyond visual changes, resonated authentically with the audience, resulting in heightened engagement metrics and a tangible boost in sales. The company now stands on a more robust foundation, embodying a stronger and more compelling brand presence, setting the stage for continued success in the competitive market.

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