Visual Identity & Design Essentials

Bring Your Strategy to Life

At Love/Hate, we understand that your brand’s vision is already set. You know who you are, where you’re headed, and the impact you wish to make. What you need is a visual identity that communicates this vision with clarity and power. That’s where Pulse comes in.

Pulse is crafted for businesses that have their strategic vision dialled in and are ready to leap into creating a compelling, cohesive visual identity. Our focus is on transforming your strategic foundation into a vibrant, visual language that resonates with your audience.

Who's it for?

The Pulse package is great for startups and scale-ups as it quickly establishes a strong visual identity that resonates with your audience.

We help businesses create a professional brand aesthetic that stands out in competitive markets, while working within the budgets and fast-paced environment typical of startups. You get maximum brand impact with efficient investment.

The Pulse package is an excellent choice for rebranding projects as it focuses on revitalising and redefining a company’s visual identity, essential for signalling change and attracting new clients.

It provides a comprehensive redesign of key branding elements, ensuring a fresh and contemporary look that can re-engage existing customers and appeal to a new audience.

Pulse’s systematic approach ensures the rebrand is executed swiftly and consistently across all platforms, vital for maintaining brand integrity during a transition.

Pulse is ideal for product launches because it swiftly develops a compelling visual identity that grabs attention and distinguishes your product in crowded markets.

Its focused approach ensures all branding elements are aligned and resonate with the target audience, enhancing marketing impact.

Additionally, Pulse creates consistent and memorable branding that helps secure a strong foothold for new products right from the start.

Pulse is perfect for event and campaign brands, offering rapid development of visually striking elements that capture attention and convey thematic consistency across all promotional materials.

Pulse’s cohesive brand guidelines guarantee that every touchpoint, from digital ads to physical signage, resonates with the campaign’s core message.

What's Included in Pulse?

Logo, colour schemes, and visual motifs that define your brand at a glance.

Bring your brand to life with motion graphics that tell your story dynamically.

Curated fonts and typographic treatments that complement your brand’s voice.

Comprehensive guidelines to ensure brand consistency across all touchpoints.

A toolkit for digital presence that ensures flexibility and coherence.

Speed to Market

In today’s fast-paced business environment, launching your brand quickly can be a game-changer. Pulse is designed to fast-track the development of your brand’s visual identity and guidelines, ensuring you move from concept to market swiftly and effectively.


A strong brand is a cohesive brand. Pulse ensures that every visual element—from your logo to your colour palette and typography—works harmoniously to tell your brand’s story. This unified approach amplifies brand recognition and strengthens your market presence.


First impressions matter. Pulse helps you make a lasting one with a distinct visual identity and engaging motion design that captures attention and remains memorable. Whether online or offline, your brand will stand out in the crowded marketplace.


Every brand’s needs are unique, and Pulse is built to accommodate. Our suite of design services is highly adaptable, allowing us to tailor our solutions to seamlessly align with your existing brand strategy. This flexibility ensures that the visual identity not only looks great but also fits perfectly with your brand’s goals and market demands.

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